We’re up on GoldenCAN

Posted by eshannon on May 4th, 2006

If you’re not familiar with GoldenCAN, it’s a great service that lets you integrate datafeeds from multiple merchants into your site. The details are below. Check out our sample store link to get a better idea.

We are excited to
announce our partnership with GoldenCAN to offer affiliates our entire Product Data
Feed, Recent Price Drop Products and Search Box in only One Line of Code. This
service is offered to you completely FREE.

here to see Taylor Gifts page at GoldenCAN

Data Feed integration

can display entire Taylor Gifts Data Feed on your website with only one line of
code provided by GoldenCAN Data feed integration. Your users will be able to
browse through our entire catalog and find exactly what they are looking for,
without leaving your website.


Use GoldenCAN Coupon Integration to display our Recent Price
Drop Products on your website. Once you add one line of code on your website
you will always have our recent price drop products displayed on your site and
you never have to update it again.


GoldenCAN Search integration enables you to add a search box
on your website with our entire catalog.
Your users will be able to search from entire
inventory of Taylor Gifts and find exactly what they are looking for without
leaving your website. Remember the conversation rate of a search box is much
higher as compare to regular traffic.

Sample Stores:

  1. Taylor
    Gifts Data Feed Integration Sample
  2. Taylor
    Gifts Coupon Integration Sample
  3. Taylor
    Gifts Search Integration Sample


Are you a Data Feed User?

you are a data feed user and you have created a website for Taylor Gifts using
data feed, you can still take advantage of GoldenCAN. You can add a Search Box of entire Taylor Gifts
on your
existing website. You can also use Coupon Integration to display Recent Price
Drop products on your existing data feed website and give more choices to your


Do you have a
Coupons/Promotions Website?

you have a coupons website and you manage your coupon manually, you can use
GoldenCAN Coupon Integration to display Recent
Price Drop Products
of Taylor Gifts to offer many more saving choices to your

Need help
using GoldenCAN?

Asif at

Datafeed & Product Catalog now Available

Posted by eshannon on March 21st, 2006

When you log into CJ, you’ll see a new set of links called “product catalog.” This is a listing of every product we’re currently selling.

Also, if you want access to the raw feed, you can request it from CJ. If you’ve used feeds from CJ before, you already know what to do.

The feed/catalog will be automatically updated once per week.

Hot selling new products

Posted by eshannon on March 17th, 2006

There are two products that you need to start pushing right away.

First is Pasta Express. This one is a few months old, but the vendor had a stick up their rear and didn’t want us advertising using the affiliate channel. But now it’s okay. Conversion is excellent (6% and up) and there’s tons of search volume.

Second one is Spin Spa. It’s the item on our latest cover. It’s getting good TV coverage on the infomercial circuit. The reason we’re converting like crazy (8.54%!) is because everyone else has it for $19.99 and we’re selling it for $14.98. This is because the sellers have the option of including a cheesy bathrobe with the purchase (which costs an extra $5). We choose not to include it. Obviously, customers don’t care about the robe..

If you’ve promoted infomercial products before, then you know that the hot/cold cycle moves very quickly. And these are both hot right now. So dive in while the money is still flowing.

Use the redirection links in CJ along with the url’s I listed above to stick your affiliate info in the link.